Open Source test automation Tool/Framework Evaluation

Describe your project Step 1 - Describe your project...


Every project is individual. There is no test automation tool or framework, which covers all possible test automation projects. There is less or better fit and waste money spend for finding out, that a tool does not fit. It is not easy to choose the right tool with less or without test automation experience.

SEQIS - The Austrian Software test Experts

Our experts have more than 10 years experience in test automation. They know the open source market and have used most of the available tools in different projects. After doing such tool evaluation as consulting projects, we decided to offer this service online.

Standard test automation Project Survey

A test automation project is determined by many different success factors. Our standard test automation project survey takes all success factors into consideration.

  • Motivation to start test automation
  • Technical Preconditions
  • Team Skills
  • Testcases
  • Run frequency
  • Return on investment

Prove our experience and check, if we ask the right questions: Register and check our project survey for free.


Tool Preselection Step 2 - tool Preselection

Let us recommend the three best fitting tools/frameworks

Based on your project description, we give you a recommendation, which open source test automation tools/frameworks might give you the best results. In the experts evaluation report three best fitting tools are compared to each other. We also give you a final recommendation, which tool our experts would choose for your project.

Manually choose, which tools we should evaluate with your project for you

You already know, which tools might fit for your project, or you already have a tool shortlist. You can select, which tools you want our experts to evaluate for you. If your tool is not in the list, you can choose "Other..." and our consultant will contact you shortly...

The following open source test automation tools and frameworks are supported right now:

A Abbot Java GUI Test Framework Anteater Apodora
Arbiter Autonet AutoTestFlash
B Blerby Test Runner
C Canoo WebTest Concordion Crosscheck
csvdiff CubicTest Cucumber
D DBFeeder DbFit DejaGnu
Doit: Simple Web Application Testing Dogtail
E Eclipse TPTP EMOS Framework Expect
Enterprise Web Test
F Frankenstein
G GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project GITAK
H Harness httest
I ItIN - Infopath testing in .Net Imprimatur IdMUnit
ItsNat Natural AJAX ITP ivalidator
J Jacobie jDiffChaser Jemmy
JFunc: JUnit Functional Testing Extension jWebUnit JSystem
L Latka Linux Test Project LReport
M MActor MaxQ MozUnit
miTester for SIP Marathon Mockito
O OLVER - Open Linux VERification org.tigris.mbt Om
P PAMIE pywinauto Pounder
Q QAT (Quality Assurance Tests)
R Robot Framework Rasta
S Sauce Labs: cloud-based Selenium service SharpRobo Sahi
Software Automation Framework Support Selenium Samie
SWAT (Simple Web Automation Toolkit) soapui Solex
Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) SWTBot Systin
Scalable Test Platform
T tclwebtest TestGen4Web TestPlan
Toster - The Object-oriented Sofware Testing Environment Tomato TextTest
V VNCRobot
W Watij Watir WET
Web Form Flooder WebInject WatiN
Win32::IEAutomation WebDriver WebTst
X XML Test Suite

Experts Evaluation Report Step 3 - Experts Evaluation Report

You have completed the project survey and and the tool preselection. Our test automation experts take over and analyse your project. They evaluate the fit of every chosen tool to your project

Evaluation Criterias

The following evaluation criterias and features are evaluated with the chosen tools and your project:

Technical Information
Installation Operating System Support Target test automation Operating System Support
Minimum Requirements
Handling & Usability
Installation Capturing
Development Execution
Test automation Methodology
Automation algorithms (Abstraction level, coordinates, image recognition, object recognition) Application state features
Application wait synchronisation features Verification features
GUI abstraction features GUI spying features
Capturing comfort
Script language
Supported languages Dialect specialities
Object orientation Modularisation features
Compiler/Interpreter Late function binding
Predefined functions/methods
Browser handling Application wait synchronisation
XML-Handling CSV-Handling
Filesystem Dynamic function calls
Waits User Interrupts
Video Integration
Integrated Development Environment
IDE-Integration Version management
Test management Editor features
Datadriven Testing
File formats
Keyworddriven Testing
Permutation Modularisation
Reusable keywords
Execution Features
Test sets Logging
Video capturing Screenshots
Error escalation Unattended execution
Output formats Flexibility
Users Guide Functional Reference
Online Help Ease of use
Community support
FAQs Wiki
Forum Support
Project activity
License models

Decide your project Step 4 - Decide

Sample Evaluation report

You can also review a sample report, after your registration for free.

Feedback from our customers

SysConn - Softwareentwicklung und Vertriebs-GmbH

Ms Susanne Schweiger
"SEQIS supported us with detailed and qualified recommendations, concerning our project of automated testtools evaluation. Since the implementation of the tool, which was recommended by SEQIS, we are able to practise test in the most efficient way. The cooperation was very successful, because of SEQIS reliableness and expertise. The short response time of SEQIS was a great benefit too. I would recommend SEQIS evaluation support for everyone in such cases."